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Galileo FX Pro is the only automated trading software with
3 levels of loss protection & expert support.

Start in demo or live within 5 mins. No minimum balance. Video tutorial included.

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Galileo FX is an Automated Trading Software that trades with up to 96% accuracy. The software analyzes the chart in real-time and opens/closes trades automatically to make profits and limit losses. Galileo FX has been backtested by bars and every tick from Oct 28, 2009 to May 25, 2022, returning positive results.

Safe payment. Instant download. No monthly fees.

27% decrease in losses
Max Orders
Limits the number of trades.
89% fewer negative trades
Stop Loss
Sets a loss limit for every trade.
54% lower drawdown
Consecutive Signals
Opens trades when risk is lowest.

Safe payment. Instant download. No monthly fees.

“Just 6 months ago, I didn’t understand anything about trading, charts or indicators.. I was even scammed twice and lost $3,400. I was tired of searching for new bots, platforms, signals, courses.. I was afraid of being scammed again. A friend recommended Galileo FX. This bot is everything I need: automated, profitable and easy. I have good success with it. If I made it, you can too. If you’re a new investor and want a new income stream, I recommend this bot. A special thank you to the Galileo FX team for guiding me to automated passive profits.”

Easy to install Simple to use No monthly fees Instant Download Fast Support

Install in less than 1 minute.

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Simply click the link on the Confirmation Email.

Video guide

Step-by-step video tutorial included.

Settings included

Slow, Fast and Aggressive preset files.

Safe payment. Instant download. No monthly fees.

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