Galileo FX

Profitable Forex Autotrader

Galileo FX trades Forex to make profits automatically.

Autotrade EUR/USD, GBP/USD, BTC/USD, Gold, Indexes, etc.

Highly profitable. And the best accuracy ever.

Named #1 Forex autotrading software in 2021. Loved by 2000+ users.

Version 1.0

Galileo FX has 2,298 users today

Simple Automated Forex Trading App

Galileo FX is profitable and stable. Indisputably proves a robot can trade with 95.82% accuracy in every single market condition. Galileo FX is smart, fast and easy.

Over 500% Gain (Real Live Account)
Galileo FX in action
The World Best Rated Forex Trading Bot

Install in less than 5 minutes (PC or Mac). Choose one pair (eg. EUR/USD) or trade multiple currency pairs at once. Start making profits in Forex, Stocks, Metals and more.

The Most Powerful Forex Trading Bot

Galileo FX supports all types of lots (micro, mini, and standard size). Limit your losses by using the Auto Stop Loss feature. Use Galileo FX with other forex bots or solo.

Included Files

Most Profitable Forex Autotrader App

STABLE Forex Autotrader for Mac & Windows. Opens and closes trades at record profitability.
Autotrade EUR/USD or other currency pairs 24 hours a day.

Instant Profits

Gain profits from trading asap with Galileo FX. No manual trading, no training courses, no downtime.

Loss Protection

Limit losses with the Stop Loss setting. No emotional mistakes, no panic selling.

Settings Included

Included presets library puts 130+ optimized settings at your fingertips.

AutoTrade 24/7

Enjoy more free time. Trades timed correctly and instantly. Reduced risk of manual errors.

Trade from Anywhere

Check your trades from iOS and Android devices.

Fully Guaranteed

Safe, accurate and reliable.

Galileo FX is the Best Forex Autotrader

2,000+ Users. 1500+ Positive Reviews. Guaranteed as Safe for 10 years.

Instant Profits

Gain profits from trading asap with Galileo FX. No manual trading, no training courses, no downtime.

Easy as 1-2-3

Galileo FX Forex Autotrader is amazingly simple. Only 2 clicks are required to make profits.

Regularly Updated

Galileo FX is always working while other cheaper robots are down. Any new issues are fixed within 24 hours.

How to Make Profits in Forex (the Smart Way)

Enjoy what you see?

Now it’s your turn to try our Profitable Forex Autotrader!


Choose Settings

Choose a currency pair (eg. EUR/USD), load Galileo FX and choose your settings. You can also use our 130+ settings.


Try in Demo

Let Galileo FX run for at least 3 hours. Check your results. You will see a detailed report of all the profitable and losing trades made by Galileo FX.


Go Live

Start making profits. Withdraw profits from your broker or re-invest to make even more profits.

Requirements: Smartphone, PC, Mac or tablet with MT4 installed. Brokers: ALL BROKERS, 4 AND 5 DIGITS, Recommended spread: 5 pips or lower.

Experts speaking about Galileo FX Autotrader for Mac & PC

“Galileo FX is incredibly profitable trading with a unique strategy that makes auto trading as simple as it can get. With over 60 ready-to-use presets, it’s easy to see why so many traders are now going for this software. Galileo FX is certainly recommended for both novice and expert traders”

The best Trading Robots, reviewed.

“I decided to try this as an alternative to buying another trading course. I was totally shocked at the profitability and over all return on the investment. I highly recommend this to any one considering this option. Best money ever spent.”

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Which version is right for you?

Personal - Limit $1,000/month
Plus - Limit $5,000/month
Pro - Unlimited Profits

If you purchase the Personal or the Plus version, the profits made using Galileo FX in LIVE Mode will be limited by the software to $1,000 per month for the Personal version and $5,000 for the Plus version. The Pro version has no limitation.