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  • Automatically trade 20,000+ symbols (including BTC/USD, EUR/USD, Tesla cfd, Gold, Indexes). Over 400 supported brokers.
  • Beginner Friendly. Easy, secure and fully automated trading on unlimited charts at the same time, 24/7. Stable, powerful and lightweight.
  • Customize your level of risk with just few clicks. Adjust your settings for conservative, aggressive, “high risk/high return” and more. Start trading in demo and go live when you feel comfortable.
  • Trade in multiple styles including day trading, swing trading, long-term trading and more. Decide the maximum number of trades and how often Galileo FX should trade.
  • Get video instructions, expert support and over 130+ ready-to-use presets. Get access to our private Facebook group (1,800+ users).
  • Up to 5X more profitable than manual trading. Verified by MyFxBook. Named #1 trading robot in 2022. Loved by 2,000+ users.
  • Start in 5 minutes with no minimum balance. Safe & encrypted payment. Lifetime license with no recurring fees and free future updates.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Automated trading is a style of trading that uses computer-based apps to automatically execute trading orders in the Forex, Crypto, Stock, Metal, Index and any other market. You can install Galileo FX just like you would install any application. Trade multiple charts at time, all automatically and without human intervention. It’s like magic!

  • Trade multiple charts at the same time, all automatically.
  • Trade automatically 24/7. Money never sleeps.
  • Trade without any human intervention.
  • Decide the level of risk you want to use.
  • Trade automatically in multiple styles: day trading, swing trading, long-term trading.
  • Limit the number of trades.
  • Limit losses for each trade using Stop Loss.
  • Easily and quickly start making profits.
  • Save time as you don’t have to look at charts day and night.
  • Increase your profitability by avoiding human mistakes.
  • Trade automatically using regulated and authorized online brokers (like Oanda or XM).

In Personal and Plus, profits made by Galileo FX are limited to $1,000 per month for Personal and $5,000 for Plus. Pro has no limitation.

You can start without a broker using the default MetaTrader 5 demo account. When you want to go live, you can open a brokerage account with a trusted online broker of your choice (as long as they support MetaTrader).

Yes! We’ll guide you step by step.

Yes! We provide Expert Support to all customers. You can even book a Support Session with our team, so that we can connect to your PC and fix any problem with Galileo FX.


There is no minimum deposit. We suggest to start in demo and go live when you feel comfortable.

Trading Platform: MetaTrader 4 or MT5
Broker: Any

Operating System: Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1, Windows 10, Windows 11
Processor: minimum – Intel Core i3 or equivalent, recommended- Intel Core i5 or higher
RAM: 8GB or higher
Internet Connection: 1Mbps or higher

All our prices are one time and licenses are lifetime. No recurring fees.

Due to the non-returnable nature of digital products once they’re downloaded, all sales are final and non-refundable.

PayPal, Credit/Debit (Visa, Mastercard & more), e-Bank, Check, Bank Transfer, Amazon Pay.

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Trusted trading robot by more than 3,500 users!

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