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Galileo FX Price Guide & Pricing List 2022

Galileo FX Price & Pricing

Galileo FX is a powerful trading robot that gives you the ability to easily trade automatically.

By bypassing the need to make trades manually, you can increase your likelihood of high returns while also controlling exactly when Galileo FX buys or sells.

If you’re interested in using Galileo FX, there are three versions that you can select from, each of which has its own price point:

  • Galileo FX Personal ($199)
  • Galileo FX Plus ($499)
  • Galileo FX Pro ($899)

The following price guide gives you all the information you need to make an informed purchase decision.

All versions feature:

  • Instant download after payment
  • One time payment (no recurring fees)
  • Ready to use settings
  • Unlimited customer support
  • Free future updates

Galileo FX Personal Price

Galileo FX Personal is the most affordable package available to users who purchase this software.

With this version of Galileo FX, you can bring in a maximum of $1,000 in profits every month.

Galileo FX Personal costs $199.95

Galileo FX Plus Price

The Galileo FX Plus package is largely similar to the Personal package.

The main difference between the two options is that Galileo FX Plus allows users to bring in max profits of $5,000 per month.

All features available with the Personal version are also provided in Plus.

Galileo FX Plus costs $499.95

Galileo FX Pro Price

Galileo FX Pro is the best version of the software that users can buy.

The primary benefit of buying this version is that there is no maximum amount of profits that you can make each month.

You’ll also receive every feature provided in the more affordable versions of this software.

Galileo FX Pro costs $899.95

Difference in Galileo FX Versions

If you purchase the Personal or the Plus version, the profits made using Galileo FX will be limited by the software to $1,000 per month for the Personal version and $5,000 for the Plus version. The Pro version has no limitation.

How to Upgrade Galileo FX

You can upgrade your Galileo FX Personal or Galileo FX Pro anytime by paying the price difference. You can purchase an upgrade here.

Galileo FX Secure Payment

You can process the payment through the following payment methods:

Galileo FX Payment Methods

Sales Taxes, VAT and other taxes

Our payment processor FastSpring collects tax for sales of Galileo FX made to customers, depending on the buyer location.


No matter which Galileo FX version you choose, you’ll only be tasked with making a one-time payment.

There are no recurring fees or billing periods for you to contend with.

Once the purchase has been made, the software can be downloaded and fully installed in just a few minutes.

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