Galileo FX launches Settings Store

October 1st, 2021 – Automated trading software designer, Galileo FX, has announced the launch of a settings store for its trading robot.

The PCI DSS certified company which enables traders and investors without coding skills to undertake FX transactions through its auto trading software is also GDPA and CCPA compliant.

Automated FX trading, also known as algorithmic trading or robot trading functions without the presence of the trader by scanning the market for profitable trades.

It works by analyzing current price charts and other market activity over numerous time frames, identifying signals like price trends and spread discrepancies to locate potentially profitable currency pair trades, using either pre-set parameters or parameters programmed into the system by the user.

Generally, it can be difficult for beginners, and users without a proper understanding of how the platform’s algorithm works in opening and closing trade positions, to find the right settings for Galileo FX that would enable it to trade profitably and without supervision.

However, with the introduction of an online settings store, users of the automated trading software can buy ready-to-use settings, in addition to the already 130+ settings included in the purchase of the software.

The settings will enable new users, and beginners engaging in FX trading for the first time, to begin their trade journeys with already proven settings that help prevent loss and ensure quick profitable returns.

The online settings store offers a range of options with varying results to accommodate the different trading preferences of Galileo FX’s many users.

Some of the settings options include; the +6% Monthly | EUR/USD Presets, +17% Monthly | EUR/USD Presets, +52% Monthly | Silver Presets, +17% Monthly | Cardano Presets, +17% Monthly | Dodge Presets as well as monthly presets for Ethereum, Bitcoin and Gold.

While the online settings store helps users save hours of research and backtesting, the automated trading software platform also offers non-users nursing uncertainties regarding its service, a free ROI calculator with which they can get near accurate profit projections even before they register or initiate a trade.

Galileo FX is driven by its mission to build simple tools for automated trading and assures its users that all premium settings sold in the Settings Store are backtested and verified by every tick.

The company has also promised to add more settings for cryptocurrencies, stocks, indexes, metals, commodities, and futures.

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