100% Wins, 0% Losses.. is it possible?

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Is it possible to win 100% of trades with virtually ZERO losses? The answer is yes – but there’s a catch.

You don’t need 100 trades a day to make good profits. You need a reliable bot and patience.

First, you need to use a trading robot like Galileo FX. Why? You need to make sure that your trading bot is reliable, stable and uses real market data. Unfortunately, 99% of bots use trading strategies that are based on gambling or casino strategies, so while they may work for a few days or weeks, in the end you’ll lose your entire deposit. Not good!

Once you have the right trading robot, you’ll need patience. Why patience? Because the whole idea of using a trading bot is to let it trade 24/7. Some days, Galileo FX may make 3 trades. Other days, it may make 0 trades. And that’s one of the secrets: don’t open trades that are too risky. By only opening the “right” trades and using stop loss, or by closing trades manually, you can avoid losses and build real passive income.

Here is an example of trading schedule for the last week of November 2021:

Day 1: No trades.
Day 2: 1 trade. $98 profit.
Day 3: 3 trades. $211 profit.
Day 4: No trades.
Day 5: No trades.
Day 6. 1 trade. $139 profit.
Day 7: 5 trades. $671 profit.

Once you get your first wins, how do you increase profits? There are two ways to increase profits.

1. Increase lot size. This increases number of shares you buy in one transaction. Since profit is calculated based on the number of shares, more shares = more profits. Only issue is: you need a higher deposit, so this may not be for everybody especially at the beginning.

2. Use Galileo FX to trade more assets. You can trade crypto, forex, stocks, metals and anything on MetaTrader. Some people use Galileo FX on 16 charts at the same time. This will multiply profits quickly.

We hope you enjoy this content. If you have questions, simply contact us at sales@galileofx.com

Please remember, we’re not financial advisors. All investments are risky, please ask a professional advisor before trading real money.

Have a good day.

Galileo FX Sales Team

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